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Advancing Beyond "Just a Good Idea"

There are thousands of great ideas out there. How do you bridge the gap between an innovative idea and what works in the field?

As a board certified adult and pediatric urologist, with over 10 years of operating experience, Dr. Blum knows almost every facet of medicine. But, just as importantly, she knows how the innovation and medical startup worlds work. When you’re trying to figure out what engineers need, or what doctors want, it’s critical to have someone who can speak both languages and knows how the cookie gets baked.


From giving feedback on the value of your company, to brainstorming solutions, to conducting effective customer research, it’s important to have someone who can send you in the right direction. Dr. Blum can meet you where you are, whether you’re at the idea stage or ready to bring your product to market.


Need to speak to a psychiatrist, podiatrist, or pathologist? Dr. Blum’s experience in the field means she has developed deep connections with other specialties and areas of knowledge. If she can’t answer your question, she can connect you to someone who can.


Want a deeper, more ongoing relationship? Having a physician on your team is invaluable and can help you avoid mistakes and speed your time to market.

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